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    Ana Paula Lopes @anapaulalopesx
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    God only knows why love is worth the fall 🙌 #blessed

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    Had some fun with the Extreme Monkey Sled today! Leslie and I pushed 380lbs then Dylan and I pushed 500lbs!!!! #pellegrinoringifitness #extrememonkeysled #blessed

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    Jessica Bonner @mommybonner
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    I don’t know how I lived with out you in my life! You are this perfect little being, who studies the world so deeply yet can be so silly! You have completed our family and brought us all together. Evelyn not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for you. I still can’t believe that your my daughter! #myminime #sillygirl #blessed

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    Kenneth Dolin Photography @kennethdolinphotography
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    @teaganjaiofficial Sent me the sweetest thank you card ever. I absolutely love this amazing smart funny beautiful girl. Thanks Teagan for making my day. #kennethdolin #lovemykids #gratefulphotographer #kennethdolinphotograpy #gratitude #blessed

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    No better feeling than coming home to my babies 👼🏽🐶 #fitdad #familyfirst #pitbull #baby #tattooeddad #blessed

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    Been getting my ass Into trouble since jump... can’t wait to see what holds. So #thanksgiving #people #party #2018 #happy #blessed

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    China cabinet for Christmas 2017!! I am gonna do a few pics also but, this allows a closer view of all the little shelves😊🎄 #chilidog #georgeaceforever #mostwonderfultimeoftheyear #greatful #pyrex #blessed #duddieapproves #vintagechristmas #vintagehome #vintageornaments

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    Jehovah-Tsidkenu So far we have strayed, so deep we have fallen, so empty we have become. From the brimstone ledge and through the darkest flame we find nothing but the tattered remains of a faith unfounded, a vague belief untested; Time becomes a cruel weapon of our own making as we seek the graves of a sad existence. Yet you promised a better day, raising a righteous branch, a worthy king, out of man’s tragic flaws, out of the many wounds man created. The blessed savior was born, giving life to the dead and dying! The sinless man has died, taking sin far from the broken heart! The eternal king conquered all, raising His Promised from sin and bondage! I declare your majestic glory, I sing of your eternal righteousness, I confess your timeless mercy! I await the hour, The minute, the eternal now and The fateful moment when every tongue will confess, when every knee will bend, when every heart will praise when every man will know of the treasure I have found by your side. I know love, I am peace, I am sealed and saved In the grip of the Lord God Almighty, our righteousness forever. Aaron Cornett “The days are coming,” declares the Lord, “when I will raise up for David[a] a righteous Branch, a King who will reign wisely and do what is just and right in the land. In his days Judah will be saved and Israel will live in safety. This is the name by which he will be called: The Lord Our Righteous Savior.” -- Jeremiah #be #faith #poetry #gentlemadness #poetsofinstagram #christlike #poet #creative #traveller #author #christian #rainsofsomber #blessed #ponderous #writer #permanenttraveller #prose

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    Miss Universe Guyana 2017 @rafieya_husain
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    First rehearsal day on stage 😻😻 it’s crunch time and we are almost at finale night. My entire outfit is from @zara and shoes are @maisonvalentino Can’t wait for the actual night. #thankful #axistheatre #stage #blessed #missuniverse2017 #missuniverseguyana2017 #zarawoman #zara #caribbeangyal #livelife

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    Borá sonhar com um futuro melhor 🙏🏼 #godvibes #blessed

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    Terry Aguilar @interwoven_legacy
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    I'm a firm believer that as you exude positive energy you will attract positive energy. I have been renting a house owned my Team Kristen Schramme since March. From the moment I met Becky the agent that showed me the home and I walked in the front door I knew this is where I belonged. I love my little house! It's peaceful and filled with positive energy!! Tonight Team Schramme invited their buyers, sellers and renters to a little thanksgiving gathering at their home. The positive energy and warmth that filled their home affirmed I was right where I belong for now. They gave each of us a pie and two goody bags to give to the homeless during this holiday season. My heart is full! I believe positive energy truly attracts positive energy. What a BEAUTIFUL thing!!!! Feeling blessed!! New beginnings CAN be very good!! This IS the next chapter of my happily ever after!!! My heart is filled with passion, love and joy!! I am thankful!! newbeginnings #god #sanantonio #fun #yesican #fafterfb #samsungs8 #laughter #itsaboutthejourney #photography #happyheart #adventure #teamkristenschramme #travel #prayer #travelphotography #samsung #words #texas #ilovelife #blessed #lustforlife #adventuretravel #makeitcount #wanderlust

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    Perfect setup for a drink #blessed #happydays