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    I'll never been a lil bitch about it am I gonna cry or push through and succeed BITCH IMA DO BOTH ! #andtryagain #crynowsmilelater🎭 #dustyourselfoff

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    As we are mid holiday season I just wanted to encourage you to not give up on your goals whatever they may be, or if you are like me you have many lol. I won't deny I've gave in to my temptations recently 😏 I will not let it derail my progress like I have allowed it to in my past. I have learned to make better choices in food, decisions, happiness, relationships, etc. In the midst of our trails we tend to not see how those things effect us. Open your eyes! Find your happiness so you can work on yourself. #happiness #dontgiveup #weightlossjourney #nobodysperfect #dontworrybehappy #loveyourself #dustyourselfoff #weightloss

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    When you got lost in depression then had to check my self and realized I'm a fuckin Diva bitch! Don't let shit take over your self and who you are. I might be down sometimes but then I'm like fuck this and keep going, how else we supposed to know where the light leads to at the end of that tunnel till we get there. We can do anything we wanna do #hope #fucktheworld #sarajennifer818 #keeptryingme #makeupmakesmehappy #beyourself #818life #motivateyourself #hustletillidie #jesusisreal #dustyourselfoff #talktomyself #concourtheworld #realshit

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    Because sometimes life throws you for a loop and you just gotta roll with it. I am so thankful my husband is a tough cookie. #seriouslytho #timeforanewplan #thisyearisinsanity #oyyyeee #is2017doneyet #ohwell #siennadown #thosewerebrandnewtires #dustyourselfoff

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    2 minutes in the life of a modern day singleton, and an unhappy insight into online dating... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After receiving a few messages from a man I felt was being somewhat passive aggressive I politely but firmly told him “.... Happy fishing, but I’m not the gal for you x” and this was his response!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At first I laughed. Then I got angry. And then... I’m not gonna lie... I got a bit tearful. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Don’t worry, I’ve given myself a stern talking to!! I’ve dusted myself off, and I’ll live to fight another day. I’m over it!! Lol ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this day and age we all know someone who is online dating. Unfortunately we probably all know someone who’s been on the receiving end of something like this. But hopefully we don’t know too many of the people doling out this kind of crap. But let’s all agree to NOT stand for it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sooooo.... “Be kind whenever possible. It’s always possible.” “In a world where you can be anything... Be Kind.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Failing that... just “Don’t be a dick!” @thematthewhussey #dustyourselfoff #rantover #loveyourself #singlelife #onlinedating #single

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    Whenever I was feeling down or defeated, my guardian angels would say "pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back on". It's been a tough year to say the least, and I've had to dust myself off more than once. Phil and Kenna, thank you for loving me like your own daughter, taking me under your wings, and for being my source of strength from up there beyond the stars. This one's for you ❤ Thank you @alluinduncantattoo for the beautiful work #girlswithtattoos #dustyourselfoff #tribute #bicep #tattoo #memorial

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    🎢 I’m enjoying the ride..! will take you through so many challenges and but take it as lessons and blessings 🙏🏾 #keepitlit #life #healingtakestime #changes #nobodyisperfect #dustyourselfoff #ifyoufallgetbackup #differentphasesoflife

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    Good Morning 😃🌞☀️!!! I hope this video blesses you guys as it has myself. We tend to misunderstand breakthrough sometimes. And I love how he breaks this down for us to understand better. Don’t let anyone tell you, your going through something because of something you did, or haven’t done. Because that’s not ALWAYS the case. The Bible talks about Job! He lost everything, his cattle, his sheep! his children died, sores all over his body! One thing after another but God favored Job! He was in the complete will of God! He rent his clothes and said “ though you slay me yet will I trust” 😩 Jesus. But the end result, is that God tested Job! Job was restored 7fold! That’s bible translation he got everything back 7x7! He got what he lost plus some! So don’t lose faith! Don’t let anyone or anything get you off focus! Keep pushing. Your loved and God loves you it’s only a matter of time. God TOLD the devil to “test my servant Job”. Father God 😫! It doesn’t matter what men say, it’s about what GOD says. God made Jobs friends repent, the ones judging his downfall and his lose. When you see someone going through pray for them, don’t beat them up. Pray they have the humility, tenacity to fight through NO MATTER HOW LONG THEIR GOING THROUGH! There is no time frame on the lessons and tests of God. And please my beloveds, don’t think that when I speak to you I’m not ministering to myself! We learn together, we help each other! Again Good morning! God bless each and every one of you specifically on today. Whatever it is your dealing with, I pray God shows up for you in the midst. #fight #faith #21daydanielfast #raptureready #itstime #love #mightyaretheworks #blessings #jesusloves #saint #dustyourselfoff #purpose #breakthrough #betheexample

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    On the bad days, this is the one that helps me find a giggle...and by "reality", I'm referring to my entire 2017.....just sign the dang papers girlfriend, your time is up!!! #becauseyouknowitstrue #youarestrongerthanthis #thebaddayswontlast #dustyourselfoff #theywillgetfewandfartherbetween #andthenkeepmoving #youjustgottacryitout

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    In a world full of I need to keep watching this!! Hopefully I am nurturing a kid who can dust herself off after a fall and have another bash😂.... anyway back to the million with a on my #smile #christmastasks #christmas #skateattheden #festivecraziness #iceskating #dustyourselfoff #skatetheden #falling

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    You feel everything. You focus on each breath, as a gift from God. You inhale, feeling the oxygen enter your mouth and travel to your expanding lungs. You exhale with a slight tickle on your nose and a tingle through your teeth. You start from your face and slowly move down, feeling each muscle individually and then all together. Your stomach gets butterflies as you feel yourself float--away from the world, away from the shit, just away. Your hair flies wild in the wind. The breeze gives you goosebumps. You watch as the world moves in slow motion. And then you hit the ground. Last year's harvest remnants stabbing your back side. You quickly rise and retrieve your horse as he offers you a mischievous grin. You hop back on. You start @ariatinternational #new #cowboy #instafollowers #photoseries #horseriding #horses #documentary #ariatlife #ariatboots #horsesense #cowboyboots #shitkickerstories #horse #pickyourselfup #storytime #ariats #boot #downhome #boots #cowgirlboots #startalloveragain #dustyourselfoff #lacers #rodeo #burymeinmyboots #instafollow #beyondtheclothes

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    Repost @dilutethepower 🌟 At first, it must be counterintuitive to all my insta baes that I absolutely LOVE this poem. However, if you It read it line by line from the bottom up, you shall see. It is distinct in two diametrically opposed views - Top down = pessimism vs. bottom up = optimism. Quite the example of skilled creative writing to me.. & a mind blowingly philosophical analogy (that can be interpreted in so many ways). My take: When at the top, we may not be truly happy despite all that we have. We may take our blessings for granted, feel the grass is greener elsewhere, or desire to have even more. But we can stay continue to grow in different ways - intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, etc. Nobody is perfect. When we're at the bottom, optimism can give us dreams of rising & the motivation to try - since in our mind's eye the only way is up. But a negative outlook - feeling our rock bottom - though undesirable, is only natural & normal at times. No? The wisdom gained by coming out of feeling down & out is priceless, & makes one's ascent that much more beautiful. In essence, staying positive is the goal - but logically speaking - it's a critical reality to realize we all have good times & bad. But we can celebrate our good days, & have self compassion & learn from our bad days. Perhaps this is obvious - as "such is life?" But have we ever stopped to think about how warped social media makes some things seem? No..we're not always done up, laughing, loving, succeeding, etc. We sweat, we cry, we lose when we try, & we are perfectly imperfect human beings. There's beauty in imperfection for those who see it as such. In summary, "It is all relative." Live your best life. Remind yourself that everything happens for a reason - good or bad. Count your blessings, change what you must, & remember that life is beautifully imperfect just like you - we - all are 🙌🏻 #dilutethepower #repost