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    Retomamos donde nos quedamos? La actitud es la mitad del camino 💪 #smile #actitudpositiva #vidasana #nevergiveup #fight #cuidatucuerpo

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    Today marks 1 year since I’ve had surgery to repair my knee. Today I celebrated the hard work with a warm-up set of 225, 315 lbs 8 times as shown above, and finished with 4 reps of 405. Once that was done got 15 minutes of stair stepper in, followed by calf raises, one leg extensions, hip abductor and adductor Machine, and finished out with abs. After my surgery I didn’t know if my body would ever be the same again and if I’d see the results I wanted. The 🔑 was a huge amount of stretching, building up leg strength, a little bit of cardio, and then hitting the squat rack. Squat is one of my favorite lifts now. No matter what, and know that everyday is a new day to become better and achieve the goals we have set before us. Even though trials come in our path, that mold us into who we are called to be. Grind today, and always keep improving and progressing. Next goal? On to working for the #hardwork #exercise #wwe #fitfam #dedication #squats #motivation #gymlife #gym #nevergiveup #grind #saturday #squat #liftweights #business #fitness

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    So, this is why I am a bit anti-carbs, don’t be hating on me for saying I try to be as low carb as possible, whether the body needs heaps of carbs or not, is not up for debate right now, but my body doesn’t digest carbs that well at all cos of and also, when I eat little portions of food throughout the day, it’s so much easier for me. Top pic was Monday, bottom was today - 2 hypos and some seriously crazy highs this afternoon/evening after a pattie, pancakes and icecream at lunch and then some chips. It came down too far this evening so I ate a bit more, but then it all went up again; the complexity of this life is massive! After today, my average went from 7.6 to 7.9 which isn’t grim, but, it does need to be prevented as much as possible. I only had a drink in the cinema and no bread (letttuce wrapped burger) this evening, so I didn’t go all out, but still, not easy, not easy at all, especially the burning eyes and general malaise. Thankfully today’s company was excellent with supportive friends and great fun! It wasn’t an anomaly basically. #loveyourbody #pumplife #type1derful #nevergiveup #gastroparesis #type1diabetes

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    I couldn’t be more proud of @samlandrith! He persevered through his dads diagnosis and death. He also got to play college football and basketball but then had 2 knee surgeries and had to give up sports. Not easy when you’ve loved playing. He had transfers to 5 colleges and now has a degree from Lee University School of Business! Way to go young Mule! #keeppushing #nevergiveup #graduation2017

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    Transitions are hard af. I let go of a beautiful home, several teaching gigs, easy access to nature and plant medicine, the climate of my dreams and the most loving and longest relationship I have been in so that I could be of support to my papa and my 3 younger sisters. Call it self-pity if you may, but the truth in my heart is that I'm in a state of deep sadness and deep loss right now. I know that part of this is simply because I have not always been met by my family, that some look down at me for choices I have made. I know that this moment will pass and that there will be many more opportunities for me to meet others and for others to meet me. I know that feeling around in the darkness means I will knock into parts of myself I have rejected for years. I know that those parts of myself are longing to be shed and left behind. I know that shedding old skin is part of it. I know that hella tears, snot, sweat and sometimes blood is part of it. I know this is metamorphosis. I know because I've been here before. Thanks for being a witness to my vulnerability. #highthoughts #nevergiveup #jeanandjane #metamorphosis #trusttheprocess #trustyourself #thepathofleastresistance #justraw #staywoc #rawemotions

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    👑"You may have to fight the battle more tban once to win it" 👑 #nevergiveup #inittowinitbaby

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    As salam, morning semua...Hari ni Bro SA nak share kejayaan itu tidak mudah, jadi berusaha bersungguh-sungguh untuk mencapai kejayaan, jangan lupa banyakkan doa dan tawakal kerana Allah sahaja yang akan memberi rezeki dan kejayaan kepada kita.. #morningmotivation #positivevibes #nevergiveup #success #qotd