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    This week I celebrated another birthday 🎉and felt so special with all of the messages, FB posts and calls that I received. It really got me in a place of being so appreciative of everything that I have been blessed with in this thing called life🙏🏽. As I was thinking about my age and reflecting on all of my experiences that I’ve had throughout the years, it dawned on me that 30 years ago, my Dad was the same age as I am now and he suffered a heart attack. When you're a kid, 48 sounds “old” yet now it’s crazy to me to even imagine what that was like for him being so young. What I do know is that I was scared. Scared to the point that for the next few years I had a secret anxiety that I would lose him. It’s not like this became my ah ha moment where I changed my eating habits and exercised everyday but it sure did make an impact on the choices I’ve made around my health. With a family history of high blood pressure and high cholesterol, I choose to not succumb to the fact that I will have it too. Instead, I eat well, exercise, do yoga almost daily, and YES, indulge every now and again too🎂🥂🍰. As I get to celebrate another year, I am healthier than ever and hope that I’ve inspired you even a little bit to maybe make a change. Even if it is a small one. And, for those of you that have kids, if you need more of an inspiration, do it for them because they love you and I’m sure when they see you unhealthy, it scares them too. You are worthy and deserving of a happy, healthy life…DO YOU!❤️

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    egos think the have control. To the point of micromanaging ourselves, our families, you name it. We get furious when we're not in control. We can swallow our emotions and puke them back up. We can dull our lives in a haze of alcohol, prescription drugs, or whatever vice your mind has chosen in order to cut the edges on the vibrancy of life. The real deal to life is living it and understanding when you're in the flow versus when you're in resistance. If you have to dull your life, you're probably in resistance, and it's time to throw your arms up, in surrender. Surrender to the irradescent beauty of life that surrounds you. Let go of your expectations of yourself, others, and stop the control. The battle is futile. The universe will allow you to break yourself; it will force you to your knees. It may even reduce you to a shallow puddle of who you once were on the kitchen floor. You are enough. You are seen. You are worthy. You matter. Surrender to the flow and watch what happens when you relinquish control. 💖✨💖✨💖✨ #youareworthy #surrender #youareseen #youareenough #flow #deliberatedecember #theuniversehasyourback #youmatter

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    Younique isn't just a business to me. It's mission, values, and message give me all the feels right in my heart ❤ You are beautiful always. You are worthy always. You are deserving always. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. #youareworthy #makeup #encouragement #beyou #youcan #uplift #younique #worth #yes #empower #validate #isupportyou #ambition #grateful #womanwarrior #realbeauty #bossbabe #youniquepresenter #loveyourself #love

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    • it may be uncomfortable to be LOVE when so much has tripped you up but i promise you that when you work on you and accept the higher person within you, the task becomes a lifestyle and where there is LOVE and empathy, no shame can bring you down to a level lesser than your greater self from the mistakes in the past! #youareworthy #loveconquers

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    When life is stressful or things are full on, the to-do list is large, work is crazy, family issues - add your scenario in here. At these times, this is where we need to dose ourselves in even MORE. Do things that we LOVE and us MORE. Say NO, MORE. Go to our happy place MORE - for me that is the beautiful nature I am surrounded by on the Hibiscus Coast. MAKE FUCKING TIME TO DO THIS OK?! Good. Now breathe 🙏 You got this #mindbodysoul #mentalhealth #youareworthy #wellbeing #inspiration #conscious #mindset #mindfulness #intuitiveliving #whangaparoa #heartcentred #calm #selflove #nz #spiritual #nature #highvibes #mindcoach #holidays #stressfree #growth #noblelife #summer #wellness #mhawnz #vibratehigher #loveyourself #mindful

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    We love you just the way you are ❤️ #tobymac #yassm #nomistakes #youareworthy #youareloved #childofgod

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    I dare you to pause. . . . . . .and breathe. . . . . And get lost in this moment. . . . Yes. . . Blissfully. . .. Blissfuly. . . . Lost. . . . Yes. . . . Just Like That. . I have been losing myself to everything but the moment I’m in as of late. I’m lost to family struggles, stressful work days and confusion about who I am and where I am meant to take this life of mine. . This moment though - where the snow caught the cabin’s light just right - held me captive for a good few minutes before I even thought to film it. . So tonight, instead of losing myself to the Sunday scaries or some other stress that I have no control over, I’m watching the snow fall. Gently. Gently. Gently. Outside my window. . And as I watch it float down, I’m learning it’s secret. A new world is only built, gentle flake by gentle flake. . Thus, this week, I will hold a new intention close: to be gentle with every inch of my soul. . I also hope - in being gentle - I find and see as many moments as I can like this: those that hold me blissfully captive in their beauty. . . And, figuring out the rest of my life... well, that will just have to wait. . Wishing you a gentle week & sending you a huge teddy bear hug as well. Xo Kate #whpclassic

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    Note to self and all those amazing teenagers in my life: #youarebeautiful #youareworthy #youareenough

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    ... • RENEW • Do you want to enter this holiday season calm, renewed and refreshed? Silly question right! Join us on Thursday night @freedom_float 6pm-7pm to return to a sense of calm, to set a personal intention for Christmas and the holiday season and simply relax, restore and renew with our 'calm & create' meditation. Details a few posts back and on the Freedom Float Facebook page under events. $20 cash at the door. ☁️💙 #meditate #calmandcreate #meditationnight

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    Meal prep check in! Who’s prepped and ready for next week? Or at least the next few day? 🙋🏾‍♀️💯 #fitwomencook #youareworthy #motivationalquotes #mealprep #notetoself #fitness #motivation #weightloss #weightlossjourney #discipline

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    Thanks for the support this year. I wanted to give you all a gift. So I decided to give the gift of encouragement. _____________ For the next 20 days, I will be featuring 20 of some of my favorite post by beautiful, amazing and encouraging women who have made my day without even knowing it with their timely content that has encouraged me on some of my most discouraging days. __________ Some messages are short & sweet and some are chopped full of grace & wit. Nevertheless there’s no better gift then to give the gift of encouragement this holiday season. So I’ll keep mine short & sweet. 😉 ____________ Day 1: I believe we as woman can do hard things. I mean we can have babies- so yea! I want to encourage you today to be the mom you are called to be and no other. To be the wife you were created to be and no other. To be the entrepreneur, employee, student, Pastor, lawyer, sister, daughter and fiancé you were called to be and no other. __________ This holiday perhaps may call you to share your space with a person who always seems to question your position and how you do things. May I encourage you with tip of survival: “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. -Will “Elf” Ferrell. (Even if you have to sing loud and off key) Happy Holidays!!! _________ Photo by @raycheldesiree and that super cute top is from my boutique @mandymatties. #sheendures

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    When things go south in your life, how do you deal with it? I notice that everyone (including myself) tend to fall back into old and negative habits. Maybe it’s over eating, drinking, or anything that disconnects you from yourself and others (which is destructive). How do you deal with it in a healthy way? Do you take a sport, find a creative outlet like painting, writing, or do you practice religion/spirituality to seek clearity (and to fight off the demons)? It’s important to really think about this, especially during the holidays. We are always caring and running around for others by preparing for the get togethers, gifts, cooking, etc. Take time to reflect and to look within. I’ve been dealing with an injury and I have been off my yoga mat for a week. I felt more prone to stress the longer I was off the mat. So I ate better and decided to meditate more (which I do not do enough of). It helped me get out of that “funk”, until I recovered from the injury. This evening I was FINALLY well enough and able to get on my mat. I got to hold myself in handstand for the very first time for a few solid breaths! I hope everyone had a great weekend. ✨💛 #youareworthy #yogathecrazyaway #headstand #yogainstructor #astangayoga #growth #mindfullness #loveyourself #yogaforyoursanity #yoga

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    Don’t keep returning; pass them to God, pray for them, and go shine elsewhere. You are too bright to allow someone to dim what you have to give. #momlife #affirmations #youareworthy #hehasgreatthingsforyou #parenting #childofgod