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    I think this weekend will be the first weekend in a very long time that I'll be free! 🤗 & nothing lights my soul on fire more than to do this to myself! It makes me feel alive. 🖤 #sculpted #contoured #itsuptoyoutoworryaboutyourfuture #throwback #dowhatmakesyouhappytoo #glam #everyoneelsedoes #youmattertoo

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    When your Google photos sends you photos from two years ago today. Sometimes I still see the person on the right in the mirror! Why is it so hard to see weight loss on yourself?! Nevertheless - 40 KGS DOWN 💪🏼 #weightlossjourney #youmattertoo #transformationtuesday #scalesdontlie #loveyoself

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    Exactly 2 years between these pics. Still pushing along and still going strong. Still a work in progress, but I'm further along than when I started my journey. Not too long ago, I was the mom that thought she couldn't do it. I was too busy or didn't have the time. I've learned those were all excuses @(selena_sophia taught me well 😉). You give time for what matters-and yes, being a mom is probably the most important job on the planet, but let's be honest, you can't get too much done when you're suffering from weekly migraines, joint pains, high blood pressure, and straight up feeling winded, like I was 💯 How could I take care of my kids when I couldn't even take care of myself? How could I enjoy spending time with them, when I could barely keep up? What many don't seem to realize is that you are worth the time, the effort, and investment. Loving others requires to love yourself first. You can't pour from an empty cup; you can't give your love, time, and energy when you have none to give. As the saying goes, "if mom isn't happy, no one is happy" 💁 Contrary to what I believed, for a very long time, is that putting yourself first, does not make you selfish; it is absolutely necessary. Make yourself a priority, take care of you, do what you love; do what literally sets your soul on fire...I promise it will only make you better, #youcantpourfromanemptycup #makeyourselfapriority #healthy #strongerthanyesterday #theyaremyworld #teamnoexcuses #findingmyhappy #knowyourworth #creategoals #fitmom #makeaplan #blessedmomof3 #findingmybalance #keeponkeepingon #perfectlyimperfect #transformationtuesday #youmattertoo #progressnotperfection #therestwillfollow #blessed #findingmypath #findingmystrong #stickwithit #loveyourselffirst #makingitwork #grateful #taketheleap #theyaremywhy #guaranteed #nevergiveup

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    Take ownership of your dreams and goals. No one except you is standing in your way. There are no prerequisites to making a life change! I used to have 100s of excuses for not pursuing my goals, for me it is fitness. 💩Tiredness 💩Kids 💩Not eaten enough. 💩Not enough time in the day 💩Work Stress These were beliefs I had convinced myself of and only when I stopped listening to my own bullshit reasons did I start to build a new routine. ➡️Getting up before work and training ➡️Training after kids are in bed ➡️Training at weekends and taking that god damn hour to myself. As parents we forget that we are still individuals. We are still that one person we've always been just with little people now looking up to us and thinking 'I wanna be like my mum!' • #mumtrepreneur #ptaberdeen #mumtribe #littlehumans #training #stronggirls #aberdeen #fitfams #livethelife #motivation #strongwomen #personaltraineraberdeen #girlswithmuscle #behaviourchangecoaching #change #neverforgetwhoiswatching #kidstagram #youmattertoo #fitlife #fit #trainingmotivation #behaviourchange #mumswholift #beyourself #mummotivation #girlswholift #buildthemstrong #ownyourownshit #mumswithmuscle #pt

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    My self care has been pretty low lately. Two pretty bad injuries (not yoga related) have taken me out of yoga for a few months, after practicing for a few hours throughout the day every day. The last month has been an adjustment as we learn a new schedule for school. Husband has been workaholicing as usual. Still getting the new dog and one of the cats to be relaxed together. And of course all the regulars of life like cleaning and cooking and living. Sometimes in the midst of the forest you forget how much a small thing can perk up the day! I haven’t worn a goddess pendant in a while, and man they certainly have a comforting vibe that I’ve been missing. Welcome back to me, old friend #doyourthing #minigoddess #takecareofyourself #myhairisgettingcrazylong #selfcare #dowhatmakesyoursoulshine #notcuttingitanytimesoon #youmattertoo #happymonday #goddess #selflove

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    Youngladydorothy.blogspot.com (link in bio) ♏️ To all "Me Too," and souls: This is a combination of my knowledge to spark some hope or feelings of freedom, planets and universal energies and my bluntness⚓️... It's worth the try, as "me too," could use some healing, positive energies ✖️🖤 #astrology #courage #whatthehealth #nocelebrity #butimatter #speakup #writer #blogger #thebravealchemist #newpost #mentalhealth #iloveit #passion #totarot #queenofwands #spooky #youmattertoo #metoo #knowledge

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    For so many years.... no decades... I negotiated, adjusted and compromised who I was in order to fit the requirements of others. By doing that I betrayed myself first and foremost, but my loved ones missed out on who I really am as well. Who I really am is a much better version of me than the negotiated model. . This became profoundly true in my health. We are not heroes for putting our health last in an effort to be super mom, super wife, super friend, super worker or super anything for that matter. . That mindset honestly turned me into a woman who was exhausted, unfit, unhealthy and unhappy. I thought it was some Medal of Honor to burn myself out as a sacrifice for others and all it accomplished was the inability to be fully present in my own life, the incapability to be authentic and true to my gifts and passions (which are NOT A LUXURY, by the way... the world needs those things and they can only be given by you!)AND it left me lacking the excitement, energy and inspiration to participate the way I deeply longed to in my boys lives! . Please stop.... today. Please stop kidding yourself that NOT putting your health and fitness on your list of daily priorities is in any way benefiting those you love. I would wager a pretty hefty bet that you will be met with a crazy amazing amount of positive outcomes if you decide to be committed to your best possible and non negotiable self! #beauthenticallyyou #havefaithinyourjourney #bebrave #dontthinkyoudontmatter #iamnonnegotiable #imnotperfect #growingintomyself #healthylifecoaching #youmattertoo #motivationmondays #personaldevelopmenttime

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    I have used this pic in the past to show my transformation, I know. The thing is, I have tried so many times to look in my basement for old pics of me but I just come up empty handed and that’s because I don’t have many pics to choose from. In the past, I didn’t feel confident about myself so I didn’t take many pictures. But I wanted to share this with you tonight and here’s why… Over the past few days I have had the opportunity to meet so many beautiful people and heard something in common that they said to me when I told them what I do for a living… Excuses. I heard the very same excuses that I used to tell myself. Back then, I believed they were my reasons as to why I wouldn’t put myself first. Once I decided to make the commitment towards a healthier me, I learned that they were not "reasons", they were in fact excuses. You know, the ones that sound like this: I’m just so tired by the time I get home. The problem is that I’m a foodie. I don’t have time. It’s just one cheat meal. I love food. It’s just one cheat day. It’s just some wine. I’ll start Monday. I'll just get this out of the way first. Let me ask you something, does that sound familiar to you? Because it sure did to me when I heard it this week by more then one person and all I wanted to do was hug them and tell them that they were wrong and that they have every right in their life to take care of themselves too 😔 Listen, I know it feels like a legit reason as to why you “can’t”, believe me, the girl on the left once believed it too. Look, I am no different then YOU. Maybe you can relate to the girl on the left wanting to do something for herself, knowing that there is a way to feel healthy and energetic again but just don’t think you can do it. Maybe your anxious about it deep down inside and really want to try something but your scared to commit. Or maybe your ready and want to but don’t know where to start. Continued in #youmattertoo #committingtomyself #youcandothistoo #transformationpic

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    My greatest battle is with myself. 😉 💆 #youmattertoo #lovethyself #positivethoughts🤗

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    If anyone is going though a rough time go follow my other account, I well be posting quotes everyday. Just know that you Matter and Deserve to be happy just like anyone else. Don't let somebody else make you feel otherwise. I also know what it is like to be stick in the dark, I'm telling you it gets better. I have finally found a wonderful support system and you can too ❤️ #youmattertoo #timetohealeachother #staypositive #supportsystemstrong

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    As a women we are defined as our strength. Our families, our spouses, and our children count on us to keep things together. Though men play a vital role in a family, women have a different way about them, that seems to keep everyone and everything all intact. However, as a woman, I feel obligated to be the stronger person, to be that person to show everyone the silver lining, to show them things will be just fine. Some days, I just cannot do that. Some days, I don’t want to be the person that holds it all together, and I should not have to. See, I find, that most women feel that their jobs are to be the taxi driver, the chef, the maid, the doctor, and the nurse, the booger chaser, the monster eliminator, and often hold a full time job on top of all of that, and still have to find time for our significant others because they need love too... As a women, we have so many hats, and when we try to wear them all at once, we start getting weighed down... we started feeling the stress and the anxiety because of these roles, and we don’t want to let anyone down because then that causes an inconvenience to someone who care about... So, we push through it, with fake smiles and happiness, half hearted hugs and story times, distracted playtime with our kids, and half assed work with anything we have said yes to... When we say yes to 50 things, we stretch ourselves so thin, that even the most important things get overlooked... Including our self care.... If we started saying “no” more often to things that can wait, things that someone else clearly can do, we are saying “yes” to ourselves. Giving ourselves the freedom to have self care, and when we pour into our own, worn, cracked cup, life around us still exists, no one gets hurt, and we feel amazing. Now imagine how your life would be if we took the time to mend the cracks, and repaint the cup, and then fill it full, how much more we would get out of our lives?! It is not selfish to say no. It is not rude to say not right now And we have absolutely no reason to feel guilty for pouring back into our own cups... We just have to hang up some of those hats until we’re done with some others... #peace #youcandothis #strength #fufilled #motivation #liveyourlife #fillyourcup #joy #selflove #loveyourself #overcome #proveyourselfwrong #fearless #selflessness #happiness #anythingyouwant #youmattertoo

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    Hey look! I'm not sweaty... Haha haha (I even blow dried my hair today!! And if you follow on Snapchat..yes..I did get the coconut oil out finally lol) I just got back from spending my morning talking with other moms.. Moms who aren't afraid to be real... Which is exactly what I needed! It can be super hard to be a mom..sometimes you feel like that is all you are seen as...just a mom.. Moms are important though! We are raising the next generation!! Society likes to try and belittle the mother's and downplay their roles... Oh..your JUST a stay at home mom.. Yes.. I JUST invest in the well-being of my children..help to guide their souls in this world so that they will be well equipped to be humans on this earth that actually make a difference..and make huge self sacrifices to do so... No big deal. Anyway back to my point!... 😄🙈👇 Mom's... Do something that is just for you today.. Remind yourself that you are a soul who needs love and care too... Don't spend all of your energy taking care of others and leave yourself out of that! You can't run on empty so fill your tank... With whatever fuels you... What makes you feel happy.. and relaxed.. or energized.. refreshed... Or whatever you need to keep going!Whatever fuels you up... Do #loveyourself #momsareimportant #sahm #fuelup #youareenough #takecareofyourself #fillyourtank #sahmlife #morethanamom #whatmakesyouhappy #momgrind #youmattertoo #momlife

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    This is part of a lovely article by a gay guy I know. @rikkibeadleblair Excerpt from an article in the gay star. Not 100%relevant to postnatal illness, however the theme is Love. Self love, real love, kindness, love for others. Loving your life, even on a bad day. Finding hope in amongst the hardest days. 💛. Try and take a moment to think of reasons to love, your life, yourself, your friends and family 👪 or even just that it's nearly bedtime. Try and look for little things you love ♥ ♥️♥️and can be happy about each day. If you are still unsure, or can't find any love to enjoy or share, contact us here at APNI and we can help you find a positive in between the reality of the illness you are fighting. 📞 ☕ Siobhan 💙 🤗 #postnatalillness #loveyourselftoo #lovechangeseverything #simplelove #deeplove #youmattertoo #anxiety #youarenotalone #support

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    🌈🍁😙 Life is there to enjoy TODAY. You don't actually have to wait for it 'to start'! What makes YOU (not ✋🏻the mom you, or the wife you, or the business you...) happy? What is it that makes you tune out the world and draws you in without hesitation? ❤️✨ ••••••• I love art... crafts, doodles, pictures, playdoh, building, etc. ••••••• It's my happy place. This week my goal is to infuse it into my days with the boys because this no-sleep mama could use some art therapy #igquotes #dontforgetaboutyou #agnesanddorabykm #findyourhappyplace #momswhocraft #momsofinstagram #wednesdaywisdom #craftypants #agnesanddora #selfcare #youmattertoo #momlife #selflove