• This is your weekly reminder to always be mindful & realize when you need to take a step back and take some time for yourself in order to unload & let go of all the unholy crap that consumes your body, mind, & soul on the daily. At times my stress & anxiety get to me so badly it makes it hard to leave the house. I want to lock myself in my room until I feel it go away, but thats not always the answer. Sometimes the help youre seeking is simply building the strength to get your foot out the door & finding solace in the things that bring you joy & make your soul feel light. One of those things for me is obviously roaming around the beaches with my pops. Fresh air, blue skies, the sound of the crashing waves, & that feeling of childhood curiosity and adventure. Thats the shit life is about. the candid photos my dad gets of me catching me hella off guard, well those are just a bonus. Its so easy to get caught up in your own mind that its really just best to get the hell out and get some air or grab some lunch with a friend that can level with you. Vulnerability is such a bitch sometimes, but necessary as fuck. Especially when youre reminded that youre not alone & surprisingly enough the people around you can relate more than you would ever think. Every day is a blessing & so are the people Im lucky enough to call my friends. You know who you are & whatevers left of my sanity and I would like to thank you for understanding.👾#peaceandlove #innerpeace #bodymindsoul #reminder #wednesday #humpday #stillthebestday #inspiration #reallifeshit #progress #onedayatatime #blessed #california #sandiego #mindfulness #youmattertoo #colors #makemehappy #ootd #lazyaf #mentalhealth #selflove #itstartswithyou



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