• Why are people so mad at girls who are okay with themselves? Do you know how many problematic things they had to unlearn? How much self destructive stuff they had to erase from their memory? Dont patronize someone for feeling confident because you dont know the process that went into building their self esteem. To those who learned to love themselves, never apologize for who you are. People may put you down for your confidence because of their insecurities. You keep doing you boo. . . . #doyouhavehart #confidence #loveyourself #progressnotperfection #workhard #trainhard #quotestoliveby #truth #reminder #legionofboom #military #usaf #airforce #fitlife #strongwomen #healthylife #healthymind #doyou #noapologies #mindfulness #dontbeadick #prep #npcbikini #realtalk


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    Not mad at you.. but quite envious!!! 😅 Really hope to become the next badass SERE girl. Thanks for the constant inspiration and confidence youve put into me to work towards it!




    Muy hermosa


    Love this caption 💙 and you are stunning girl! Your eyes are beautiful!


    Absolutely perfect and stunning photo of you... so much natural beauty 🤗


    Im trying to teach this to my daughter everyday, and also how she should be treated by boys when she gets older. Hopefully shell be confident and have high standards.. idk.... Im just kinda winging it. Beautiful capture by the way, love the way your eyes light up when you smile.


    @1stalien thats all you can do is try. Thats awesome of you to teach her this. Not all do. 😊👍🏼😊


    @iifym_meesh awww thanks a ton babe! 💋




    You are gorgeous